We are women, we are Athletes.

Every day we push boundaries, and women’s athletic clothing needs to live up to our performance.

As co-owners of Elements Academy of Martial Arts in Vancouver, B.C., we are no strangers to gender barriers in martial arts. And since day one we have made no apologies – we’ve shattered every assumption about women in martial arts, left doubters in the dust and have gone on to build a vibrant community of kickass women athletes.

But one thing didn’t change: we continued to see the same frustrating clothing challenges – Bunching! Chafing! Wedgies! – distract us from our training and impede our performance. How was there no clothing that worked seamlessly for our athletic bodies?

We weren’t going to wait around for someone else to fix it. We did it ourselves.

We took it to other athletes – our clients, training partners, friends, and competitors. We listened to the problems they were struggling with and then asked ourselves the most important question of all: How can we make a difference?

BIA WOMAN ATHLETICS was born. We partnered with a team of ingenious fabric and design experts, recruited high performance women athletes across multiple disciplines to test our products and came up with the best line of workout clothing designed by and for athletic women.

Designed by and for women athletes

Our Product

We Promise Fit, Feel and Function.


All bodies are different, but many athletes have broad shoulders, muscular glutes, powerful thighs and solid frames. Our line is designed specifically for the build of athletic women. We minimize seams and maximize fabric tension so our clothing stays in place: no more bunching, chafing, wedgies, riding up or falling down.


You already have a competitor: it’s your sparring partner, the 30 minutes you have left on the clock for training, the endless rain that really just wants you to stay inside – it shouldn’t be your clothing. We’ve designed clothes that don’t distract; clothes that act like your second skin. Our unique garments are built to work and move together; to give space where you need it, provide compression where you need it, and adhere where you need it. This way, the only thing you need to feel is in the zone.


Strong, athletic women sweat – a lot. Our high-tech fabric blends are odour resistant and moisture wicking, keeping you dry and eliminating sagging and bunching.

No Transparency

Bear walk shouldn’t mean bare butt! Our four-way stretch fabrics prevent transparency – especially in areas where athletic women are built up.

Extra Reinforcement

We’ve designed our pants with innovative stitching that stands up to rubbing and stretching and prevents chafing.


All our clothes feature durable, high quality fabric and stitching that won’t deteriorate or fade with multiple washes and wears.

Every day we push boundaries